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The Current Development Of Raymond Mill

  • Host: I believe that speaking of Raymond mill, everyone should not unfamiliar. Raymond mill has a long history. Now, it still appears in many industries, and loved by most customers. Today, we are honored to invite the grinder expert—Mr. Wang. Welcome Mr. Wang to give us a detailed introduction about the current development of Raymond mill in China.
  • Mr. Wang: Hello, everyone. I’m happy to participate in the interview. Hope you have a nice morning.
  • Host: We know that the Raymond mill has a long history. It can be said that the Raymond mill is the originator of grinding mill. Can you relate it for us simply?
  • Mr. Wang: Of course. In 1906, the first grinding mill was appeared in America. Later, they produced the first generation of Raymond mill system. After so many years of development, the Raymond mill has not been eliminated, but is increasingly active in all walks of life. So, now, a large number of customers love the Raymond mill.
  • Development Of Raymond Mill
  • Host: How about the current development of Raymond mill?
  • Mr. Wang: After decades of development, Raymond mill has obtained the fast development. China grinding equipment whether from the types, or from the quality have been developed to a certain scale. Raymond mill has been developing in China for a long period of time. For a start, Raymond mill only has a single operation mode. After all, if you want to change the mode of the need to spend more cost.
  • Host: What about now?
  • Mr. Wang: Now, Raymond Mill goes toward the mechanization, automation, intelligent direction. So what we have to do now is to speed up the application of electronic information technology on the Raymond mill industry. If we can realize unmanned operation, it will save a lot of labor cost for enterprises. Automation will also reduce the demand for enterprise human resources, to achieve efficient production. So a lot of Raymond Mill enterprises have already embarked on this aspect's research and development. I believe that we will develop a new type of Raymond mill to cause the sensation.
  • Host: Thanks Mr. Wang to take part in the interview about the current development of Raymond mill. Your introduction is great. Thank you.
  • Mr. Wang: Not at all.

Wear Reason Of Raymond Mill Parts

Along with the development of our country construction work, Raymond mill parts market has the more and more extensive application. It's good to meet the requirements of industrial production. Raymond mill parts are the main component of Raymond mill. The parts quality well ensures the grinding quality. Therefore, during the use of Raymond mill, we should do a good job in the maintenance work of Raymond mill parts. According to the correct method of operation, reduce the Raymond mill fault problem parts in operation.

However, the parts wear is unavoidable. How to reduce the parts wear? This is our concern. What are the wear reasons of Raymond mill parts? What should we do? Many users are trying to prolong the service life of Raymond mill. Now, let’s together discuss it.

Raymond Mill Parts

First of all, the machine must be regularly repaired. In the long run, Raymond mill accessories will inevitably encounter all sorts of faults. In these failures, some are small, and will not have too much impact on Raymond mill. While some larger faults will influence the operation quality of Raymond mill. Therefore, in the use, we should do the regular maintenance work of Raymond mill, and timely find and solve the problems in the operation of Raymond mill, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

Secondly, we should be safe to use. During the use of Raymond mill accessories, we must ensure the safe work load, and cannot exceed the maximum load that the grinding parts can withstand. Try to ensure the uniform load modified parts of Raymond mill. Raymond mill accessories should be in a smooth change in load, to prevent the Raymond mill accessories work load change and radically affect its service life.

Finally, the normal and reasonable lubrication is one of the effective measures to reduce the Raymond mill accessories wear. Therefore, we should select the reasonable lubricant. According to the different types and application of structural parts of Raymond mill, we should choose the right lubricant category. Select the suitable quality grade according to the accessories machinery requirements of Raymond mill. According to the parts work environment and different seasons to choose suitable lubricant brands.

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