Vibrating Feeder Current Development

Host: The vibration feeder is the important equipment in the production line, and it is also a core component. So its development catches the world's attention. Then, how about the current development of vibrating feeder in abroad? I believe it is our concern. So today, we invite the expert from Shanghai GM company—Mr. Wang to take part in the interview. Welcome Mr. Wang!

Mr. Wang: Hello, everyone. It's my great honor to be here. I will try my best to solve your problems.

Host: We may think the crusher and grinder are very important in the material production line. That’s true. But we shouldn’t ignore the belt conveyor’s function. Its current application is also very broad.

Mr. Wang: Yes. You are right. In the current development of many industries, we can see its shadow. Vibrating feeder, as a widely used feeding equipment, is widely used in metallurgy, coal, electric power, chemical industry, building materials, light industry and food industry etc.. In metallurgical and mining industry, it is mainly used in conveyer and feeding for mineral processing. In the packaging industry, it is mainly used for quantitative packing scale feeding mechanism and quantitative packaging system. In the cement production, it is mainly used in the feeding station of cement concrete mixing. In the chemical industry, it is mainly used for the production of chemical fertilizer.

Host: It seems that we can't look down on vibrating feeder. Then, in the world, which countries are the advanced manufacturers of vibrating feeder?

Mr. Wang: From the development status of world feeder, the development of Germany, Japan and other countries are early. In 1940s, Germany began to develop the vibration feeding device, comprising the vibration hopper, vibrating conveyer and so on.

Host: How about the Japan?

Mr. Wang: Japan is a country who is good at learning. In 1950s, Japan imitated the vibration motor from Germany. Then, Yaskawa and Inoue Precision Machine Co developed a new type of vibrating motor. They produced the RFH type inertial resonance feeder. After years of development, at present, these countries’ feeder technology is more mature, and their product quality is also better.

Host: Oh. Thanks Mr. Wang to give us a wonderful introduction. Thank you to take part in this interview. Mr. Wang: Not at all.

Vibrating Feeder Current Development In China

Pay attention to the current development of vibrating feeder in China. This may affect our future development direction. In China, the vibrating feeder industry is relatively late. Due to the technical level of manufacturing industry overall is relatively backward, compared with the international level, the domestic feeder has a certain gap in performance and versatility. It mainly displays in feeder performance, reliable and durable degree and the processing ability, automatic control, monitoring technology, environmental protection and humanization design ability and other aspects. These aspects need to be further improved.

With the rapid growth of the national economy and the increase of national policy support, the development speed of Chinese feeder industry is rapid. The technical level has been greatly improved. Although we can’t compare with the foreign advanced feeder, after so many years of development, the current development speed is relatively rapid.

Throughout the development course of domestic vibrating feeder, so far, our country already has various types of belt feeders. China's vibrating feed began in 1960s. With the continuous development of production technology, our country appeared the electromagnetic vibration feeder, and has been applied widely in the market. With the further development of manufacturing industry, China's vibration feeder is uninterrupted exploration and innovation. It has made a great development in the design, manufacturing and technical performance etc..

Compared with the well-known foreign products, in the use of performance, the service life of the product and so on many aspects, we have a larger gap, especially in large, intelligent, electromechanical integration aspect. This is a gap. But this is the task of our current development of vibrating feeder. It is also the future development goal.

At present, the vibration exciter of the domestic vibration feeder is mainly the oblique configuration. The manufacturing process of main vibration plate spring is relatively rough. The productivity adjustment is very inconvenient. It is time-consuming and laborious, and the precision is low. Therefore, we should work hard to the direction that the domestic vibrating feeder is more reliable and durable, applicable scope is more extensive, production efficiency and automation level significantly improve.

Vibrating Feeder Future Market Demand

Vibrating feeder is one of the popular machinery equipment, and achieves more and more attention. With the development of economy, our country's vibrating feeder greatly promote the rapid development of the metallurgical, mining, building materials, water, electrical and mechanical, road industry. In the future, can it also continue to support the infrastructure of our country? How about its market demand? These are our concern. Today, let us together discuss and analysis the future market demand of vibrating feeder.

China is a big country of energy. The efficient use of resources has become an important strategy of national development. The national development plan has brought the significant development opportunities for vibrating feeder industry. Along with our country's vibrating feeder demand increased, the product level and quality are improving gradually. Its market competitiveness continues to strengthen. Vibrating feeder has been fully met the using needs in their fields. It is going to the diversified development, and constantly promotes the progress of machinery industry. Vibrating feeder plays an important role in our foundation construction.

In recent years, with the constant development of new technology in mechanical industry, people pay more attention to the growing mining equipment. The market demand for vibrating feeder continues to rise. This promotes that the machinery industry develops towards a more large-scale, professional, efficient direction. In the background of new technology, vibration feeder has a qualitative leap, and occupies the advantageous development status in the market. So at present, the market demand of vibrating feeder is increasing.

Along with the improvement of industrial production process and manufacturing techniques, the market needs urgently the vibration feeder with a large capacity, high efficiency and reliable operation of. From the current development prospect of domestic market, the market demand for vibrating feeder will be more and more. According to the analysis of authoritative department statistics, vibration feeding machinery and equipment accounted for about GDP3% of the total investment. According to such speed to develop, the vibration feed machinery industry are great sales market in domestic and international.

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